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  • Wasatch/Squatters New Releases

    Wasatch Brewery and Squatters Craft Beers have announced several new releases, seasonal and year-round. Takeout Rye IPA: a deep-copper colored, spicy, hop-forward winter ale. 6.25% ABV, 50 IBUs. Available January – Marchin 12 oz. bottles. Wellied Irish Style Stout: Rich,... Read More »

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  • Anheuser-Busch purchases Elysian Brewing Company

    Anheuser-Busch is expanding into the craft beer market. The company today announced the purchase of Seattle-based craft brewery Elysian Brewing Company. According to a press-release posted online, Elysian sold 50,000 barrels of... Read More »
  • In Step With Seasonal Brews

    Beer brewing has followed the natural agricultural rhythm of the seasons for centuries. Even with today’s modern brewing techniques, producers still offer periodic releases to fit the time of... Read More »
  • New Sierra Nevada Beers

    Chico, CA-based Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is introducing three beers for 2015: the year-rounds Hop Hunter IPA and Nooner Pilsner, and a spring seasonal selection, Beer Camp Hoppy Lager.... Read More »
  • What I’m Drinking Now: Todd Davies

    Todd Davies, a.k.a The Hoppy Chef, is a Certified Cicerone and the consulting chef for The Butcher’s Tap in Chicago. I’m drinking a Sticky Feathers beer from Goose Island. It’s a... Read More »
  • Blender Bender

    From classic sour styles to barrel-aged beers to innovative beer-wine hybrids, blended beer takes America’s favorite adult beverage to a new level. Blending beer is a traditional technique in... Read More »
  • Fruit-Forward Brews

    India Pale Ales may still reign as the fastest-growing category of American beer, but in looking at the second largest category—seasonal releases—it’s clear that fruit flavors move forward in... Read More »